How to Integrate Zapier


    Let's learn to use FlowPilot with some example use cases. We will use Zapier to integrate FlowPilot with other services.

    • For this example we'll create a workflow that will send an email to a user when a new task is created in Asana.

    1. Create a new workflow

    First, we need to create a new workflow. Click on the "Create a new workflow" button.

    Let's name our workflow "Send email when a new task is created in Asana".


    2. Breakdown our steps

    Next let's break down the workflow into steps. Let's create a new step for each of these actions.

    First we'll want to categorize what our AI should behave when it sees a new task. Let's name this step "Categorize". Our action's description will tell the AI what to do: "Categorize new tasks based off of task name & description".

    As follows, we'll have to create two new fields: "Task Name" and "Task Description". These fields will be used to train the AI to categorize new tasks.

    fields actions

    3. Create a new Zap

    Now that we have our workflow created, let's create a new Zap in Zapier. Make sure you are authenticated with your FlowPilot account.

    Create a new Zap and select Asana as the trigger app. Select "New Task" as the trigger event.

    After loading in your data about the new task, create a new action. Search for "FlowPilot" and select "Run workflow step".

    If you want to test your new workflow, you can always use sample data in Playground mode.

    4. Test & Publish!

    Now that we have our workflow created, let's test it out! Click on the "Test" button to run the workflow.

    Congratulations, your new workflow should be running! You can check the status of your workflow by clicking on the "Logs" tab.

    Thanks for following along! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

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