Automate OpenAI LLMs With FlowPilot

    Automate OpenAI LLMs With FlowPilot

    FlowPilot is a no-code workflow automation platform that helps you make automated AI workflows.

  1. No-code AI Prompting
  2. Automate with Zapier
  3. Customize Outputs
  4. Integrate with hundreds of your apps.

    Make AI Automatic

    Automate sending emails, replying to comments and more with OpenAI LLMs.

    Integrate with Zapier

    Generate leads, send emails, and more with over 2,000 apps. Let Open AI do the heavy lifting.

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    1. TRIGGER

    Get email from Gmail

    2. ACTION

    Generate response from "My Email Workflow"

    Fully Customizable

    Customize your prompt for multiple data types, add rewrite rules, and more.

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